Vital Strategies’ effective and innovative campaigns address the topics that shape global health.


Since 2007, we have supported local governments and civil society partners in 140 countries to run hundreds of strategic communication campaigns, grounded in deep public health and strategic communication expertise, coupled with local understanding and a strong evidence base.

Food Policy

We’re experiencing a global nutrition transition where people increasingly consume unhealthy ultra-processed foods and sugary drinks. Healthier diets could prevent 11 million deaths each year and promote economic development.

Overdose Prevention

The overdose crisis claims 100,000 lives each year in the United States, with rates climbing fastest in communities of color. We’re growing momentum for a health- and community-based response.





Road Safety

More than 90% of the world’s deaths on the roads occur in low- and middle-income countries—even though they have less than half of the world’s vehicles.

Tobacco Control

Unless urgent action is taken to reverse this global epidemic, tobacco will kill as many as 1 billion people this century, making it the greatest single source of preventable death and disease.



Partner with us

We collaborate with governments, change makers, and leading researchers to move policy and people toward a healthier, more equitable society.