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E-Cigarette Message Testing Guides Policymaking


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Collaborative media campaigns help regulate e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products in Vietnam

Vietnam is facing a concerning rise in e-cigarette and heated tobacco product usage, especially among young people aged 15-24 years old. In 2023, the usage of these products increased 18 times compared to 2019 levels. While currently banned from import and circulation, these addictive products are still actively advertised and traded online in Vietnam. The government recognizes the harm these products cause and is looking to further limit their availability to protect youth.


To support stronger regulations, Vietnam’s Ministry of Health partnered with Vital Strategies and the Vietnam Tobacco Control Fund on a comprehensive media campaign called “Say No to E-Cigarettes and Heated Tobacco.” The emotional TV and social media videos highlighted the dangers of e-cigarettes and heated tobacco, especially for young people. The impactful campaign reached an estimated 47 million TV viewers and 5 million people on platforms like TikTok and Facebook.


The communication efforts went beyond just media by mobilizing communities, youth groups, and women’s unions across Vietnam’s 63 provinces. Notable events included a running event in Hanoi attended by 500 youth and a pledge signed by over 205,000 young people vowing not to use tobacco or e-cigarettes. The widespread campaign leveraged multiple channels to raise awareness and advocate for stricter policies around these harmful products.


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E-Cigarette Message Testing Guides Policymaking