Vital Strategies’ effective and innovative campaigns address the topics that shape global health.

Our Experts

Our mission is to leverage the power of behavioral sciences to improve health behaviors and outcomes. We accomplish this by collaborating with governments and health organizations to comprehend the needs and challenges of the communities they serve.

Our Mission

Vital Strategies helps governments  contend with their most urgent and difficult public health challenges with solutions that scale rapidly and improve the lives of millions of people. Our mission is to work in partnership to reimagine evidence-based, locally driven policies and practices to advance public health. One of our key areas of support is strategic communications campaigns. 

Meet Some of Our Global Experts features the work of our Policy Advocacy and Communication team of more than 60 experts in communications and public health working around the world.
Enrico Aditjondro
Deputy Director, Southeast Asia
The beauty of advocacy work is seeing cities inspired by each other’s creative campaigns, adapting them for their context, and witnessing the impact on policy change.
Gloria Malone
Digital Strategist, Senior Manager,
Overdose Prevention
United States
Taking people through a learning process that is engaging, meaningful, and can leave a lasting impression is one of my favorite things about the work I do.
Irina Morozova

Road Safety Communication Program
United States
Sharing our team’s expertise with governments and collaborating to reduce crashes and save lives is a fantastic experience.
Luyanda Majija
Associate Director of Communication
Food Policy
South Africa
I have found my voice advocating for health equity. I strive for the communities I serve to find and use theirs, too.
María Fernanda Cárdenas
Senior Communication Manager
Road Safety
I feel satisfied every time I see lives saved through our programs. I’m honored to be part of real changes.
Nandita Murukutla
Vice President
Behavioral Insights and Evaluation
United States
I am deeply interested in what motivates people and in learning what we can do to enrich and uplift lives.
Steve Hamill
Vice President and Global Lead, Policy Advocacy, Communication, and Strategic Initiatives
United States
From social media’s rise and now to AI, there’s never been greater potential for rigorously run campaigns, or a greater cost to ignoring the role media plays in community health.
Tainá Costa
Senior Communication Program Manager, Brazil
Food Policy
I really enjoy listening to different perspectives and collaborating to get a better outcome on communication campaigns.
Tony Newman
Director of Communication,
Overdose Prevention
United States
I love how powerful, authentic communication campaigns can change hearts, minds and policies. #AnotherWorldIsPossible

Partner With Us

We collaborate with governments, change makers, and leading researchers to move policy and people toward a healthier, more equitable society.