Vital Strategies’ effective and innovative campaigns address the topics that shape global health.


Vital Strategies uses social marketing campaigns to accelerate the adoption of policies that promote health and healthy behaviors among millions of people at a time.

Discover the transformative impact of our policy advocacy and communication work

Strategic communication and advocacy is a proven accelerant to policy change. It is a stand-alone public health intervention, and often, an underinvested area of public health.  Our Policy Advocacy and Communication team works with governments, civil society, health organizations and funders to understand the needs and challenges of the communities they serve and deliver campaigns that spur improvements in public health. We work with budgets large and small, and with partners who share our values to advance public health.  

Distinctive expertise and proprietary approaches to mounting communications campaigns that advance public health

16+ years of experience

Supporting governments and implementing campaigns

2 billion

People have been exposed to our campaigns

Expansive projects

From small campaigns for governments to multi-million-dollar campaigns for large institutions

What We Offer

Campaigns That Change Social Norms

Our research-backed strategic communication campaigns have been shown to shift widely accepted behaviors or beliefs. We develop deliberate messaging that promotes understanding, challenges perceptions and ultimately influences society’s standards and people’s attitudes.

Roz, a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Harm Reduction Worker demonstrates how to administer Naloxone to someone in order to reverse a fatal overdose.

Strengthening Government Health Promotion Programs

We collaborate with governments, local leaders and organizations to develop programs that promote greater health in the communities they serve. Our teams facilitate south-south knowledge and skills exchange and help build peer networks through programs such as Partnership for Healthy Cities.

On World No Tobacco Day, Partnership for Healthy Cities technical lead Dr. Thriveni Beerenahally joined a local march to highlight the city’s smoke-free work in Bengaluru, India.

Build Public Demand for New Policies

Communication campaigns can generate demand for new government policies by effectively conveying their benefits, addressing public concerns, and highlighting their real-world impact. Through strategic messaging, engaging storytelling and targeted outreach, we help transform public opinion and influence policy adoption.

An activation event in Johannesburg, South Africa for the “Better Labels, Better Choices” campaign calls for clearer warning labels on unhealthy, ultra-processed foods and beverages while the proposed front-of-package label regulations are open for public comment.

Social and Behavioral Research

A leader in social and behavioral research for more than 15 years, Vital Strategies gains deep knowledge of local context by consulting with governments, academia, civil society and citizens. Our global research team, with expertise in a wide range of methodologies, has overseen research and evaluation studies conducted by local agencies in more than 30 countries. 


Learn more about our research studies and publications.

Sound Solutions That Change Behaviors


We meticulously identify barriers to healthier behaviors, and through research rooted in the latest scientific evidence and best practices, we gain insight into the needs and motivations of communities. We translate this information into actionable insights that inform the development of tailored programs and policies that effectively address the unique challenges faced by communities and promote favorable health outcomes. 

Evaluating and Testing


We measure the impact and effectiveness of programs and policies in fostering health-promoting behaviors and social norms. We use impact evaluation and cost-effectiveness analysis to assess the return on investment of these health solutions. 

Social and Behavioral Research Advising  


We advise on the design, implementation and analysis of social and behavioral change research. We also advise on the use of machine-learning-based solutions to help make data-driven decisions. 


Capacity Strengthening and Training 


We enhance organizational ability to apply behavioral science insights to health programs and policies. We offer hands-on support via workshops, coaching and advisory services. 

Partner with us

We collaborate with governments, change makers, and leading researchers to move policy and people toward a healthier, more equitable society.